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NBA Last Two Minute Report

Last updated Jun. 07, 2018 04:22 PM

The NBA has been reviewing the officiating of the last two minutes of close games as part of a transparency initiative. This project is an on-going effort to enhance this transparency by making the data more accessible.

Since March 2015, the NBA has reviewed 26,822 plays from 1,476 games. In those 4,297 minutes of action, the officials have missed or incorrectly called 2,197 plays, or about 8.2% of all calls reviewed. This amounts to 1.49 wrong decisions in the final minutes of each close game.

Recent reviews

All calls from the most recently reviewed day of games. Note that CC = correct call, CNC = correct non-call, IC = incorrect call, INC = incorrect non-call.

Types of calls

Here is a breakdown of which calls occur most often at the end of close games. When an infraction is called (or should have been), how often do the officials get it right?

Note: Only showing calls with 20+ total infractions

A quick breather from all the numbers...

(Refs got that one right)

Player bias

Is star treatment a thing in the last two minutes? A call is deemed in favor of a player if it was a missed call on them (committing player + INC) or a wrong call against their opponent (disadvantaged player + IC). The opposite logic applies for calls that oppose a player.

Note: Only showing players involved in 15+ missed calls

When calls are made

The distribution of how many calls are incorrect with how much time remaining in the game.

The officials

Which officials have a tendency to get more calls right and wrong? Incorrect calls (IC) can be isolated to a specific official, while incorrect non-calls (INC) means the official was part of a trio that missed the call.

Note: Only showing officials with 20+ total games

Home court advantage

The number of incorrect calls made in favor of the home or away team.

Team history

Select a team to see all of the incorrect calls they were involved in.

You can download the full dataset here.

The data and charts are updated daily. Data is collected from the Last Two Minute Report in conjunction with Basketball Reference. Officials involved in ICs are manually added. If anyone from the NBA is reading this, for the love of basketball, please release this data in CSV format. Or even better, some 48 minute reports would be great.

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