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words against strangers

a game from

how to play

  • goal

    score more points than the stranger in four, one-minute rounds.

  • gameplay

    enter as many words as possible that satisfy a clue.

    more details
    • sample clue

      clue: starts with a

      answers: apple, awesome, activate, etc.

    • blocking
      whoever gets a word first gets points. If the stranger enters the word before you, you get no points, and vice versa.
    • obscure = more points
      you get 2x points for less commonly used words.
  • other rules

    no proper nouns, hyphenated words, or varations (e.g., plurals) of a played word.

about the game

this game will run for 100 days, ending on dec 31, 2022. new games are released daily at midnight pst.

created by the pudding. more specifically, by russell samora and michelle mcghee, with design from shannon lin.

data from the coca corpus, nwl 2020 scrabble dictionary, and datamuse.

inquiries about purchasing ownership of the game for $1 million may be sent to (serious offers only please).