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The hottest DATE ever was TEMP in YEAR. Yesterday ranked Xth at TEMP.

The bars represent YEARS of recorded daily high temperatures from every DATE since YEAR. When multiple days have the same temperature, the bar is brighter.

Let’s highlight temperatures for the past WEEKS. almost had a record on FULL DATE.

It was the RANK-hottest recorded temperature for that day, ever.

The top bar is the hottest it has ever been for a particular day, across YEARS in .

Let’s look at these record-highs for each day to see when the last one occurred.

Here’s the record high for each day of the year.

The temperature at the top is the hottest it’s ever been in : X, set in YEAR. Let’s look at the most recent record high for a particular day.

FULL DATE was the hottest DATE ever.

Just X, Boston experienced a daily record high of X.

Five of these record highs were set YEAR.

Let’s take a closer look at one of these records.

The hottest DATE was X°F in YEAR.

But let’s see what the previous record was before this.

FULL DATE was the record high for X before it was broken in YEAR.

Let’s look at a running total of records as they are set, by month. That way, we can see months with historically hot days from the recent past.

Since YEAR, CITY has set (or tied) records COUNT times.

Put another way, there has been a new record (or tie) on average every since YEAR.

View this project for a different city:

This project was created by Matt Daniels and Russell Samora for The Pudding.

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Data and Methods

Temperature records are collected from ACIS, which tracks weather for approximately 400 US cities. ACIS has data from the ThreadEx project.

Records are calculated using the most recent, highest temperature for a particular day. In the event of a tie, the latest date is depicted.

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