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Every time someone says “cool” in Community










consecutive cools

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Hi I’m Russell. After watching an early supercut of every time Abed says cool, I figured it was time to update and visualize. It turns out that the 412 cools make it the second most used adjective, just behind good.

The data were made from Netflix captions. Consecutive cools were found by stripping out all punctuation then determning how many times they appeared repeatedly.

Data do not include 30 instances of derivatives, including coolest, cooler, cooled, coolness, cooling, coolsies, and coolios. The color scale is the cool interpolation of Niccoli’s perceptual rainbow.

And if you were wondering if Abed really has the lion’s share of cools, here you go:

“Cools” per character

  • abed 164
  • jeff 48
  • troy 44
  • annie 28
  • britta 23
  • baby abeds 22
  • chang 15
  • pierce 13
  • dean 9
  • shirley 8

Not shown: 38 from other characters.

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