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The Pudding presents


Warning: may contain offensive images

This project features real-time drawings that are mostly unmoderated from random internet people like you. While we have algorithmic checks in place to mitigate offensive material, nothing is perfect! Reach out to with any flags.

Help draw the longest flipbook animation ever. It’s like the telephone game, but visual.

0 frames have been drawn.


  • Why?

    This is essentially an experiment in generation loss; how will the original drawing mutate as it is traced by more and more people?

  • Who made this?

    Russell Samora with assists from Alvin Chang and Jan Diehm. Send an email to with questions or issues.

  • Will this really be the longest collaborative animation ever?

    There have been many crowd-sourced projects where people draw random sections of an animation (e.g., Johnny Cash Project, The Free Movie) where contributions can be done synchronously. This is different because frames are drawn in succession, dependent on the previous one. In that sense, I like our odds.

  • Accessibility statement

    We try to make our projects accessible to as many people as possible. However, this project relies on visual input and hand-eye coordination to accurately trace drawings, so it can’t be used by individuals who are blind or have serious visual impairments. We recognize this limitation and understand that it may not be accessible to everyone. We apologize for any exclusion this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

  • How can I watch the final animation?

    to get notified.

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