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A newsletter experiment by The Pudding

Winning the Internet is a data-driven newsletter of links in other newsletters. Currently sourcing from 135 awesome newsletters.


Problem: there is a lot of content on the internet. The surge in curated newsletters tries to help us by sifting through the daily garbage heap to find the good stuff. But now there isn't enough time to read all the newsletters.

Solution: We decided to curate the curators. What's one more newsletter, anyways? No more link FOMO, just the statistically best links + cute charts, weekly. That's our pitch. Subscribe! Or don't ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


In the past week we found 3,556 unique links from 225 emails, sourcing from 91 newsletters.

The most linked story of the week was The Amazon That Customers Don’t See.

As seen in 12 newsletters; Axios Log-In, Box Of Amazing, Links I Would Gchat You, Longform, Morning Brew, Muck Rack Daily, Next Draft, Numlock News, Ritholtz's Reads, TMN Headlines, Techmeme.



Sourcing from the following newsletters: 10 Things, 1440, 2PM, 5 Smart Reads, 5-Bullet Friday, 5ish, API Need To Know, Arts and Leisure Daily, Austin Kleon, Axios Log-In, Axios World, B3ta, BNet, Because The Internet, Below The Fold, Benedict Evans, Big Technology, Box Of Amazing, Brain Food, Brain Pickings, Brass Ring Daily, Bullet Points, Chiwi Journal, Creative Mornings, Curiosity, Curiosity Weekly, Curious Electric News, Daily Pnut, Data is Plural, Deez Links, Digg, Domestic Data Streamers, Drinking From The Firehose, Electric Speed, Elevator, Etcetera, Everything in Moderation, Fair Warning, Finding Beauty, Five Links, Five Things, Fives Best Ideas Of The Day, For The Curious, Garbage Day, Girls' Night In, Hacker News, Internet Brunch, Jemison, Jocelyn K. Glei, Journal, Laura Olin, Lily Lines, Link Me Up Scotty!, Links, Links I Would Gchat You, Longform, Lorem Ipsum, Matt's Thoughts In Between, Media Genius, Milk, No Sugar, Monday Musings, Morning Brew, Muck Rack Daily, Need2Know, Newley's Notes, Next Draft, Nisha's Internet Tote Bag, Noah Kalina, Non-Obvious, Nonostantement, Noticing, Numlock News, On Brand, P.S. You Should Know, Platformer, Pluralistic, Pop Culture Happy Hour, PopBitch, Public Announcements, Quartz Obsession, Radio Lab, Reasons To Be Cheerful, Recomendo, Ritholtz's Reads, Rusty's Electric Dreams, Secret Email Club, Semi-Rad, Sentiers, Shelter, Shit from the Internet, Sidebar, Slugs, Spark Edition, Storythings, Strands of Genius, Swissmiss, TMN Headlines, Techmeme, Tedium, The Ann Friedman Weekly, The Breads, The Collected AHP, The Cramm, The Curious Corners Of The Internet, The Daily Dose, The Daily Respite, The Friyay Fuel, The Good Trade, The Highlighter, The Hustle Daily, The Land Of Random, The Lunch Read, The Media Today, The Monday Medley, The Morning Missive, The Roundup, The Skimm, The Sunday Long Read, The Week That Was, The What, The Whippet, Things I Think Are Awesome, Things To Click, Three Banana Thursday, Today In Tabs, University of Winds, WTF Just Happened Today?, Warning: Graphic Content, Web Curious, Weekly Filet, Weekly Thing, Welcome To Hell World, What Happened Last Week?, What's The Difference?, Why Is This Interesting?.

We know there are more great newsletters out there. Let us know what else we should include.


We subscribe to newsletters that fit the following criteria:

  • Publish anywhere from daily to bi-weekly
  • The primary purpose is to share links
  • The majority of links are to other places
  • It leans towards general interest, not about niche topic

The newsletter is 100% automated. Every hour, a Google Script runs that parses the links from the emails and saves them to a log dump. Every day, another script runs that checks the last few emails from each sender, and updates a denylist to exclude links that are repeated in the newsletter (e.g., links to socials). Links to the newsletter's domain (i.e. self-promotion) are filtered out.

Data for the charts are computed, including a a 7-day rolling average of rate of newsletter appearances. Title tags are grabbed from the links meta data, and common nouns are extracted here, and randomly chosen to create the subject line. Finally, all the content is rendered (daily to this page, and weekly to an email blast).

This experimental newsletter is brought to you by Russell Goldenberg and The Pudding. Feedback -> sup@pudding.cool. Mailbox by Art by Joan G. Stark via the ASCII Art Archive. Available as RSS feed.

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