The Pudding is a journal of visual essays. It’s a new publication from Polygraph, a collective specializing in visualization.

What is a visual essay? Imagine a New Yorker–esque longread about a complex topic, but code, data, and animation replace dense prose to construct a different sort of story. It’s one that’s reader-driven, explorable, and embeddable into other websites.

The Pudding prizes quality. Each project represents a few weeks of the author’s life, spent researching, analyzing, and coding a culturally rich topic. The output: an interactive experience that seeks to advance public discourse in a way that a traditional 20,000-word essay never could.

Each essay has three ingredients:

Want to contribute? Or hire us? See below.

Open Positions

For all hiring inquiries, please reach out to sup@pudding.cool. We respond to all emails within 24 hours and highly encourage people of all backgrounds and experience to apply.

Spring and Summer Interns



Freelance Contributions

We are a small but dedicated team. That means there are more great stories to tell, beyond what we can produce.

Each quarter, we commission up to 3 essays, typically requiring 3-5 weeks weeks of the author’s time and at a fixed rate of $5,000. Reach out with your proposed topic, rough outline of output, and any support that you may need (e.g., design, code, or writing).



Contact Us

For business opportunities, reach out to business@pudding.cool. For all other inquiries, reach out to sup@pudding.cool.

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