The Pudding is a journal of visual essays. It’s a new publication from Polygraph, a collective specializing in visualization.

What is a visual essay? Imagine a New Yorker–esque longread about a complex topic, but code, data, and animation replace dense prose to construct a different sort of story. It’s one that’s reader-driven, explorable, and embeddable into other websites.

The Pudding prizes quality. Each project represents a few weeks of the author’s life, spent researching, analyzing, and coding a culturally rich topic. The output: an interactive experience that seeks to advance public discourse in a way that a traditional 20,000-word essay never could.

Each essay has three ingredients:

Want to contribute? Or hire us? See below.

Open Positions

For all hiring inquiries, please reach out to sup@pudding.cool. We respond to applications that accurately fulfill the requirements below. We highly encourage people of all backgrounds and experience to apply; formal education in statistics, journalism, or computer science is not required (though a demonstrated ability to do the work is).



Freelance Contributions

We are a small but dedicated team. That means there are more great stories to tell, beyond what we can produce.

Each quarter, we commission up to 3 essays, typically requiring 3-5 weeks of the author’s time and at a fixed rate of $5,000. Reach out with your proposed topic, rough outline of output, any support that you may need (e.g., design, code, or writing), and a link to your portfolio or relevant work.



Contact Us

For business opportunities, reach out to business@pudding.cool. For all other inquiries, reach out to sup@pudding.cool.

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